About Chivers Sports

Chivers Sports was founded in the border city of Carlisle in 1945 by former British Soldier George Chivers. Originally a saddle maker, George expanded the business into becoming a general Sports Store. Since then Chivers Sports now specialise in Running Shoes, Clothing & Swimwear. Chivers Sports use Gait Analysis & FootDisc to determine the correct running shoes not only for your feet but also your running style.

With so many running shoes available on the internet, choosing the wrong shoe can result in injuries, discomfort & poor performance. At Chivers Sports we use an advanced form of Gait Analysis to look at the balance of the whole body, not just your feet. Your running style can effect the way your feet touch the floor and it's just as important to look at arms, shoulders and hips as they have a huge influence in the way weight is distributed to each foot. Using these advanced techniques is why Chivers Sports has become one of the leading Running Shoe Specialists in the country. With a long history and great reputation in the running shoe industry everyone from amateurs to serious club runners choose to purchase from Chivers Sports.

We sell only shoes we believe are going to give our customers the best performance and value for money. There are so many brands on the market but not all of them are up to the job! As running shoe experts we test out the products we sell and if it’s no good, we don’t sell it!

If you would like to buy shoes from us and need your feet and running style analysed, please pop instore and one of our trained staff will sort you out.

We offer a discount club membership to all customers who purchase a pair of shoes from us. We also store customer information about your analysis to help us track your progress and adjust shoe choices if need be on your next purchase. We believe our bespoke approach and friendly service with expert knowledge is the reason for our success of 70 years in the sports industry.

We hope to see you soon,

Chivers Sports Team